Wrightstown hoops seeks state titles

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 8:36 PM CST
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Wrightstown basketball is trying to make history this year.

On the boys side. And on the girls side too.

The Tiger boys are 17-1. The girls? 16-2. And each will seek the first Gold Ball in program history this March.

“It's great to have the girls program and the boys program succeeding,” said senior Bridget Froehkle.

“We just have so many seniors that work so well together and it's just great to have both teams being so successful,” said senior Ella Diny.

“We have 7 seniors this year (on the boys side), which is a high amount of seniors and the most we have had in one class in quite a long time,” said coach Mike Haese.

The similarities are striking on both sides of the Tigers basketball equation, and with the Northeastern Conference playing its boys and girls games on different days each week, the camaraderie is able to grow between the two squads.

“Us girls and guys, we definitely support each other,” Diny said. “We have grown up with each other so we know each other so well.”

“I think I have gone to all but two (of the girls’ games) probably,” said senior Andrew Lamers. “I have gone to a lot.”

And there's a lot of words the Tigers use to describe their programs.

“Tough, together, and competitive,” said senior Grant Nemecek.

“Determined, committed, energetic,” said girls coach Mike Froehlke.

“Weird, fun, and loving,” said Bridget Froehlke.

“Definitely over-prepared is what I would call us because we put in so much work,” Diny said.

And what if that work, leads to dueling state titles?

“If we won state and the boys won state, and the wrestling team is doing well and has a good chance of doing the same, it would just be awesome for the Wrightstown community,” said Bridget Froehlke.

“It would be fantastic,” Haese said. “Obviously that's the goal. If that happens it would be awesome.”

“It would be crazy and definitely a lot of fun to see,” Nemecek said.