CONSUMER ALERT: BBB investigating scam seller using Wisconsin address

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 11:58 AM CDT
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A new warning for online shoppers about websites not delivering - the Wisconsin BBB is investigating a scam seller that hijacked a Wisconsin address.

The BBB says they're investigating, which lists its address as a residential homeowner in Dodgeville, located in southwestern Wisconsin.

Officials say it isn't in Dodgeville.

"We've had 19 complaints since mid-April, we notice about 40 people a day are inquiring about the website so we know there's a lot of customers out there who are now after the fact doing their research on this company and finding out that it's really a scam," says Susan Bach of the Wisconsin BBB.

Shoppers spent $10-$600 on some hard to find items during the pandemic, and now the website no longer exists.

One shopper wrote the site may be a fraudulent company trying to steal credit card information and money.

"We see this all the time actually, where new websites are popping up and in order for them to look more legitimate, they'll pick a random address, this one happened to be in Wisconsin," said Bach.

She recommends looking for online reviews, and using the website 'Who Is' to find out how long a seller has been around.

In this case, we see Zackaryo was created in February.

"Pinpointing these websites, it's a little bit like Whack a Mole, because they keep popping up overnight and as soon as we can create a report and start warning people about them they're gone," adds Bach.