Gold Cross Ambulance Services creates training program for homegrown talent

The ambulance service will pay, train and keep talent within the company
Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 4:58 PM CST
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MENASHA, Wis. (WBAY) - When Gold Cross Ambulance Services found itself in need of more EMTs, it decided to start a training program of its own. In partnership with Lake Country Fire and Rescue, Gold Cross is ready to launch its cadet training program early next year.

There are nearly 180 paramedics and EMTs that work for Gold Cross. But, as it continues to care for the community, the ambulance service needs more people on staff. So, in an effort to streamline the hiring process, Gold Cross created the region’s first paid EMT cadet training program.

“All the training will be done in-house from the lecturing and the bookwork to the hands-on training, to the ride-along portion will all be done in-house with us by Gold Cross personnel that are trained as instructors,” says Nick Romenesko, Operations Director with Gold Cross.

Upon completion of the program, the cadets are guaranteed full-time employment with Gold Cross. And then, the ambulance service will continue to develop the homegrown talent it’s created. According to Romenesko, “Being able to train the people, with the protocols, the equipment and being able to train and educate them the way we want them to be trained is a huge advantage to us.”

A lot of the hands-on simulation training, in the cadet program, will be done using a high-fidelity training mannequin. In operation at Gold Cross for the past few months, the mannequin -- they’ve named “Raymond” -- will allow the cadets to train on any number of scenarios. It will offer them hands-on experience for any type of call they may find themselves responding to when working.

“It breathes, it has a pulse, it can talk, it blinks, it does all kinds of things to give the individual in the training, in the classroom setting, the ability to train on something that’s just as close to real life as we can get it,” adds Romenesko.

While a mannequin like “Raymond” will really be helpful for the EMT cadet program, Gold Cross says it will be extremely beneficial when they take it out and cross-train with other local departments. Romenesko adds, “We’re sharing it with our first responders, we’re sharing it with the fire departments, we’re sharing it with our current staff. We want as many people to be able to take advantage of this type of technology so that we can improve care throughout the community.”

A new program will pay, train and keep talent in the company to staff ambulances