A gift for holiday travelers

Gas prices fall below $3 per gallon
Gas prices fall below $3 per gallon(WPTA)
Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 3:35 PM CST
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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Gas prices in Appleton are under $3 for the first time since February 1. The most common price for motorists filling up in Appleton, according to GasBuddy on Wednesday afternoon, was $2.99 a gallon, down 4 cents from a day ago, 29 cents from a week ago, and 56 cents from a month ago.

Appleton isn’t alone in seeing prices plunge. Prices are as low as $3.07 in Green Bay at stations on the west side of the city, down 42 cents since last month.

Manitowoc is currently at $3.19, 48 cents cheaper than a month ago.

Among the four cities that Action 2 News has tracked since 2014, Oshkosh is currently the highest with its most common price $3.27 per gallon, a drop of 30 cents since Oct. 23.

Of course, you could find stations with lower prices, and we continue seeing stations bring prices down.

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Patrick DeHahn, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, indicates all 50 states saw gas prices fall from last week because of oil prices, which briefly traded as low as $79.52 per barrel on Monday.

“It’s not impossible that if oil markets hold here, we could see a national average of $2.99 around Christmas,” DeHahn wrote, “certainly the gift that every motorist is hoping for. Drivers shouldn’t be in a rush to fill up as prices will come down nearly coast-to-coast into the heavily traveled Thanksgiving holiday.”

Oil production is up dramatically from a year ago, with 782 rigs online last week, according to GasBuddy and Baker Hughes. That’s 219 more than a year ago, a 39% increase.

According to AAA, the average price for regular unleaded in Wisconsin is $3.28 per gallon -- 27 cents less than Nov. 16 and 34 cents less than Oct. 23. It’s still higher than a year ago, when it was $3.12. (Gas prices hit a peak of $4.923 for a statewide average on June 12.)

Nationally, AAA says regular unleaded averages $3.61 per gallon. For comparison, it was $3.74 last week, $3.80 last month, and $3.40 at this time last year. (The national average peaked at $5.016 per gallon on June 14.)

If you’re driving far or flying and renting a car, GasBuddy says the highest median gas prices will be found in:

  • California $5.18
  • Hawaii $5.14
  • Nevada $4.82

The lowest:

  • Texas $2.93
  • Georgia $3.07
  • Mississippi $3.08