Brown County begins canvassing the votes of last week’s election

Published: Nov. 10, 2020 at 4:58 PM CST
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BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Its officially been a week since voters lined up at the polls to cast their ballot in the presidential election.

Now it’s time for the Brown County Clerks Office to start its canvassing of votes, which is the next step to certification.

On the second floor of the Brown County Northern Building in downtown Green Bay, the county’s canvassing process is underway.

“We have our canvasser representing the Republican Party, we have our canvasser representing the Democratic Party and then my staff,” said Sandy Juno, Brown County Clerk.

Canvassing is part of the normal election process where Juno said they meticulously go over Election Day reports from individual municipalities.

“We’re looking at the poll lists and we’re looking at the tapes from tabulation equipment,” said Juno. “For the most part, one has the tape that came off the tabulation and the other one has the report of the totals that we have reported as unofficial results. And what we’re going through now is to make sure that the numbers agree.”

If the numbers don’t agree, Juno said they start to investigate.

"That’s a trigger that says, ‘Okay, we need to investigate this further,’ said Juno. “If we’re not finding the information that we need from the inspector statement, which is kind of an official document what goes on during the day, we will contact the clerk.”

Action 2 News asked Juno if there’s any indication of voter fraud. She said, “I’m not aware of any type of voter fraud.”

Juno said they have until November 17 to finish canvassing the vote. She said they have about 156 reporting units to go through and certify.

The canvassing is open to the public. While Action 2 News was there on Tuesday, a representative from the DNC and Trump Victory campaign were observing the process.

“Sometimes it just takes time, but we have time right now and we’re going to work through it so that if we do have a recount, we have a good handle on what to expect and will be able to assist the people working most effectively,” said Juno.

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