Bellin Hospital receives dozens of notes of encouragement from Florida woman

Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 4:26 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Many gestures of thanks have poured into local hospitals as health care workers care for coronavirus patients. Recognition of the work being done in Northeast Wisconsin has also come from miles away.

More than 40 handwritten messages, on elaborately colored cards, arrived at Bellin Hospital earlier this month.

“Each card is just a little bit unique and so beautifully done and the sentiment is so generous that I was just really so struck by it,” says Bellin Health President/CEO Chris Woleske.

The notes are from Sharon Huntington, a retired New England school teacher, now living in Florida. She saw the recent plight of the Bellin Hospital workers, as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, on the national news, and wanted them to know she cared.

According to Huntington, “I was just so moved by their predicament, knowing that this is at least the second if not third wave for everybody.”

Huntington was hoping her cards and words were a good way to support everyone at Bellin, from more than a thousand miles away. She says, “Even though I don’t know any of them I still really care about and appreciate what they’re doing and pray for them. So I decided to go ahead and send my cards. When I color the cards I try to think about who I might send them to, so it’s something I enjoy doing and I was hoping that it would encourage the health workers.”

The cards, distributed throughout the hospital for the Bellin team to read have made a difference, helping to boost morale during the daily coronavirus grind.

“They’re a positive thing in our very stressful and sometimes negative environment at the hospital right now, so just this one little thing, awesome gesture of hers, is so helpful,” adds ICU nurse Cassie VanDenelzen.

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