St. Anne’s Clinic to provide free health care to those in need in Oshkosh

Published: Oct. 5, 2020 at 4:33 PM CDT
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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - A new nonprofit is starting soon in Oshkosh. The upcoming St. Anne Clinic hopes to fill a basic need for those who need it most.

As a nurse practitioner in Oshkosh, Brianna Klotz knows now more than ever there is a need for access to primary medical care.

“Just with people losing their jobs, which means losing insurance and then not being able to afford copays, deductibles, that kind of stuff,” said Klotz.

She teamed up with her church, Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, to get a space for the free clinic. The clinic is also part of the Water City Care Mission, which is a group dedicated to serving the Oshkosh Community by increasing access to quality health and social services.

“We decided that now is a better time than ever to step out into the community and see what we can do there and Brianna’s idea of the clinic was perfect,” said Laurie Pollack, Coordinator of Pastoral Outreach.

Anyone who walks in will be able to get service.

“Checkups, routine screenings, we’ll have a nurse midwife also on our volunteer staff so a big focus on women’s care and screening,” said Klotz.

The clinic will not only give people access to medications and basic medical care, but also things you wouldn’t think of, like reading glasses.

St. Anne’s will be located downtown just next door to the Day by Day Warming Shelter, with the hopes of providing easy access to those who need the services most.

“I think health care is something that’s always put on the back burner because that’s something they can let rest if they have to,” said Pollack. “But we also have a huge homeless population in our downtown Oshkosh area.”

There is one other free clinic in Oshkosh, but its location can be more difficult to access according to Pollack.

“The hard part with that is they’re out on the frontage road by the highway, so a lot of the people that are in the downtown Oshkosh area don’t have means to get that area,” said Pollack. “So having some place where they can get routine care and get it right now - I think that’s just going to be a great opportunity.”

Klotz is hopeful about the long-term impact the clinic could have.

“That the people who need care can access it and that we have a healthier community and people can realize their potential when one more block of their foundation is filled in,” said Klotz.

Klotz hopes to have St. Anne’s up and running on Oct. 20. She plans to have the clinic open Tuesdays and Saturdays for four-hour windows.

She says in addition to the parish, the Oshkosh Community Foundation, Quest Interiors and Anderson HVAC in Oshkosh have all been big supporters of St. Anne’s.

More volunteers are needed for some non-medical positions. Learn more about St. Anne’s or how to volunteer on the Water City Care Mission website or Facebook page.

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