“Public is in danger”: police plead for help after eight shootings in five days

Published: Oct. 5, 2020 at 5:25 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Green Bay Police are frustrated and pleading for help to stop a surge in shootings across the city.

Investigators have responded to eight shootings in the first five days of October.

It’s a dangerous trend they’ve only seen grow as the year wears on.

“People are just, in the middle of the day, shooting. They’re shooting at cars, shooting at people, shooting at apartments,” says Police Commander Paul Ebel.

He says the public is lucky only one person has been hit in the last week and that it didn’t cause serious injuries.

But as the shootings continue, he worries next time, someone won’t be that lucky.

“The danger in the way they’re doing this is the public is in danger,” says Ebel. “They’re shooting at cars. The one on University, absolutely ridiculous. Car pulls into a gas station, and another car opens fire. If somebody got caught in that crossfire, somebody riding their bikes, a kid riding their bicycle or somebody at a gas pump and got hit... it’s ridiculous this is happening.”

You can sense the frustration and irritation in Ebel’s voice that people feel the need to resort to gun violence to settle small disagreements.

“Some of the motivation appears to be retaliation for previous shootings, which are just a personal beef that people have with each other, or it’s over drugs,” says Ebel. “I wouldn’t call it gang activity.”

Police have not made arrests so far, and say they’re hitting a wall in their investigations.

Ebel says detectives are getting little to no cooperation not only from possible suspects, but even the victims themselves.

“It’s attempted homicide, as far as I’m concerned. The car on University was struck by another moving car. That’s very concerning for the public. It should be very concerning for the public,” says Ebel, adding that one of the bullets in that shooting hit the driver’s headrest.

The shootings are spread out across the city in multiple neighborhoods.

Since August, when we first told you about the concern police had with the amount of gunfire this year, police have responded to 21 shootings.

Since January, police have investigated 55 shootings.

That’s more than half the number of shootings they had last year.

“I’ve been here 32 years, and I don’t remember a summer or fall like this,” says Ebel.

Police are leaning on the public for help.

They’re asking anyone who hears or sees anything to report it, but they also want people to be observant and get license plate numbers, car descriptions and even take pictures or video.

The entire detective division is working these cases.

“It’s the highest priority,” adds Ebel.

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