Felony charges filed against man suspected of double-homicide, stabbing Green Bay officer

Five charges have been filed so far, none of which include homicide
Published: Sep. 30, 2020 at 5:11 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Felony charges are now filed against the man Green Bay Police say killed two people Monday night, and who also stabbed an officer during his arrest.

Brown County Prosecutors have filed five charges against 28-year-old Oscar Lemus-Franco. Those charges are:

  1. First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Use of a Dangerous Weapons – Felony
  2. Mayhem, Use of a Dangerous Weapon – Felony
  3. Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer, Use of a Dangerous Weapon – Felony
  4. Knowingly Flee/Elude or Attempt to Flee/Elude an Officer – Felony
  5. Obstructing an Officer - Misdemeanor

At this time, homicide charges have not yet been filed.

As Action 2 News first previously reported, two men were shot to death around 8:30 p.m. Monday on Clement Street, located near University Avenue in Green Bay.

Police say a relative gave investigators a tip, which led them to Lemus-Franco. He then started a high speed chase, and later stabbed an officer in the face before being arrested.

Action 2 News has learned the officer who was stabbed was so focused on taking Lemus-Franco into custody, he didn’t realize how badly he was injured.

According to the criminal complaint, multiple officers had to take him into custody safely, which happened roughly nine hours after the shooting.

Documents state police spotted his car near his home on Humboldt Road early Tuesday morning, and when officers tried to make a traffic stop, they say he took off, and hit speeds of 70-100 mph.

The complaint states Lemus-Franco “drove recklessly” into a busy area, and “endangered more drivers as he was swerving around, almost crashing several times.”

Documents say one officer got a flat tire while trying to stop him, and shortly after, Lemus-Franco crashed near Broadway and Dousman, causing the intersection to be temporarily closed Tuesday morning.

The complaint states his car landed right next to an officer who yelled multiple times for him to show his hands.

The officer then stated Lemus-Franco “jumped out and looked at the officer with a thousand yard stare, and then charged at the officer.”

Police say the officer “squared up and readied for physical contact”, and Lemus-Franco “swung his arm and punched” the officer before running away, however the officer then chased after him, unaware the punch to his face was actually him being stabbed.

A few moments later, Lemus-Franco was caught by a team of officers who used tasers to stop him, and the officer who had been stabbed noticed the suspect had a knife in his hand.

Police found Lemus-Franco was bleeding extensively due to a self-inflicted stabbing on his wrist. Officers then began helping him, and put two tourniquets on his severed wrist.

Police say they then found Lemus-Franco had two knives.

The officer who was stabbed didn’t realize he had been slashed in the face until after Lemus-Franco had been taken into custody, and when a fellow officer told him he was “bleeding profusely from the face and jaw area”, and saying it was “evident he was in shock.”

Yet another officer described the slashing as cutting the officer from “his right eye, across the face, through his lips and down into his collar bone area.”

The injured officer is still recovering.

Court records show the officer who was injured had to be treated by a plastic surgeon and stitches.

Meanwhile, Lemus-Franco is still being watched by police while he is treated for his injuries at a Milwaukee area hospital, and is awaiting murder charges.

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