Oconto Falls man shares advice after overcoming COVID-19

Published: Sep. 25, 2020 at 3:06 PM CDT
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OCONTO FALLS, Wis. (WBAY) - An Oconto Falls business owner is sharing his story of overcoming COVID-19. He’s urging others, if they’re not feeling well, to not make the same mistake he did.

Wade Jeske is beyond grateful to be back to work in the archery shop he owns outside Oconto Falls.

In mid-August, at the start of his busiest time of the year, he realized he wasn’t feeling the greatest.

“I started to feel weak a little bit, but I’m going to be 60 and that’s 14 hour days and I never had a headache, never had a temperature, just figured I was tired, tired and kept putting it off and putting it off and when it hit me, it hit me hard,” says Jeske, owner of Lena Swamp Archery.

After a week of not feeling well, and getting worse, Jeske’s son drove him to the doctor.

“My oxygen was really low, and they were worried about kidneys shutting down. Like hell, it got ugly quick,” recalls Jeske.

Diagnosed with COVID-19, Jeske was transported by ambulance to a Green Bay hospital where he spent 11 days.

He says plasma he received from people who’ve overcome the virus made a huge difference.

“They injected 10ccs into your IV and a day-and-a-half later it’s just like, oxygen just went right up and I felt really good,” says Jeske.

Finally feeling almost back to normal now, Jeske is urging all of his friends and customers to get tested right away if they’re not feeling well.

“Hell of a lot more respect for the power of the virus," says Jeske. “My doctor was very good, and he says everything is new, this is all 6-8 month stuff, and he said it affects everybody differently. I’m waiting for 100 degree temperature and headaches and it never came. If you’re weak and stuff, go get tested right way. I could have saved a lot of problems if I went right away.”

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