Bears becoming more common in Brown County

Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 2:48 PM CDT
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HOBART, Wis. (WBAY) - Seeing a bear at a bird feeder is a common sight in northern and central Wisconsin.

But a bear spotted in a backyard over the weekend just down the road from Austin Straubel International Airport is another reminder that bear sightings in Brown County continue to become more common.

After almost 30 years living in his Hobart home, Tim Glodoski never considered his backyard to be bear country.

“Until Saturday afternoon, I was getting ready to go bow hunting for deer, I went in the bedroom, I looked out the back window and there’s a bear,” says Glodoski.

Glodoski immediately alerted his wife.

“And she didn’t believe me, she said no there’s not, until she went over and she said. holy mackerel, there’s a bear in the backyard,” recalls Glodoski with a chuckle.

A pretty good size bear at that, enjoying a feast at the couple’s bird feeders.

“My guess would be in the area of 200-300 pounds,” says Glodoski, who has hunted bear in the past.

According to the DNR, Wisconsin is home to a thriving black bear population estimated at nearly 25,000 bears.

That’s up from less than 10,000 bears in 1990.

Their primary range is located in the far northern third of the state, but wildlife biologists say due to the growing population, bears are becoming much more common in the lower two-thirds of the state than ever before.

“After two years the sow will get rid of her cubs and then they got to find another place to live and apparently Green Bay might be a place he likes, I don’t know,” says Gldoski.

What is certain is that the Glodoski’s will continue to keep a close eye on their backyard.

“We always we, we love watching the finches and everything, we got a lot of bird feeders, but that was unexpected,” says Glodoski with a smile.

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