Motorists urged to use caution as students head back to school

Published: Aug. 31, 2020 at 4:10 PM CDT
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FOX VALLEY, Wis. (WBAY) -Summer vacation is coming to an end as public school students head back to class on Tuesday. It’s the first time in-person classes have been offered since March. And with kids heading back to school, drivers can expect extra traffic on the roads.

There’s excitement in the air at places like Sabish Middle School in Fond du Lac where students will be welcomed back, in-person, on September 1.

“This building needs that life in it, and we’re excited to try and make this work. And we’re doing every single thing we can to try and make that happen for us,” says School Resource Officer Ryan Williams.

While schools are preparing to see kids again, so are bus companies like Kobussen. Its buses are fueled up, routes have been practiced, and rules are in place, because of the coronavirus, for when students hop on board.

“Masks will be required, and to keep our hands to ourselves probably even more so than in previous years, that’s going to be very important,” says Bronson Enli from Kobussen Buses. He adds, “And we’re going to load the buses in a way that’s going to keep as much distance as possible for as much time as possible.”

But since Tuesday is the first time in more than five months that drivers will see a full fleet of schools buses back on the road, motorists are being asked to pay attention, be patient and follow the rules of the road when they see a bus.

According to Enli, “Anytime that there is red flashing lights, you need to stop just like a stop light. Think of it as a stop light. If there’s red you need to stop, yellow it’s proceed with caution.”

It’s not just school buses that drivers need to be aware of. Crossing guards will be out again, too, as some kids are walking to class. Williams says, “We’re not used to it now because it’s been like a prolonged summer that we had without school, so we have to get used to it just like everything else. We’re going to start seeing kids and stuff out in public so just watch out, slow down, don’t be in a rush and just watch out for kids and just give them that extra space they need.”

And know that local police, like they do to start out each school year, will be patrolling in and around school zones to make sure everyone is following the rules and staying safe.

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