Abram’s 15-year-old Holtger living racing dream

Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 9:48 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - For John Holtger, it all started on a dirt bike at age 5. At 15 years old now? He is 6-foot-3, and has come a long way with his racing career. But he's still just a kid at heart, loving everything about racing, espcially like the trucks he will throttle it up with at Road America this weekend.

"It's kind of all out, you are flying through the air and then smashing into each other," Holtger said of truck racing. "It's different. In NASCAR you don't go over jumps or anything and these guys can hit each other. There is fiberglass falling off and it's just so different than everything else out there."

With his 6-3 frame, you'd think basketball would be on Holtger's radar, but he's never wavered in his love of racing anything with wheels and a motor.

"Legend cars, Mod Carts, tried out a Rally Car, Stadium Super Truck, Sport Mod, and Go Carts.

And his career (yes, he's a pro, making money, having to pay self-employment taxes), has taken his all over the country.

"California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois," Holtger recalled. "I know all the airports like the back of my hand. I just want to go as far as I can, NASCAR, Formula 1, something."

Holtger doesn't know exactly where his career will take him, but right now the ultimate dream is off-road short course racing with trucks, which he can race aggressively.

"Sometimes you start the race with every panel on the truck and you come off the track and you have none left," Holtger said. "You are that aggressive sometimes."

And The Stadium Super Trucks series race this Saturday at Road America is like that, but without the dirt he's accunstomed to.

“It’s completely different because you are on asphalt and the trucks handle a little bit differently than a dirt truck would,” Holtger said. It’s a lot more getting used to. Definitely something I look forward to. I had a blast last year.”

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