Local doctors and pharmacies come up with safe prescription delivery options

Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 5:08 PM CDT
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NORTHEAST WISCONSIN, (WBAY) - Local doctors and pharmacies are coming up with ways to get people their medications safely throughout the pandemic. A trip to the doctor is essential, and so is picking up a prescription.

“Med Sync is the idea of taking all of your prescription bottles that you get during a month and combining them so they all run out at the same time, so basically you end up at the pharmacy only once a month instead of several times a month,” said Jeff Kirchner who is the CEO/Pharmacist for Streu’s Pharmacy in Green Bay.

Med Sync is similar to a pill pack system which are both free services along with the Streu’s Pharmacy free delivery and curbside pick-up.

“An example is you have a med cup with all your meds for a certain time of day, it’s labeled with your name, the two meds that are in it, and this again is a calendar system that goes out once a month,” said

On the flip-side, some doctors are able to give you your medication during your visit.

“We had to get creative with several options but one thing we had in our office from the beginning is custom medications,” said Dr. Betsy Wernli, Dermatologist for Forefront Dermatology in Manitowoc.

Doctor Wernli said using Prescriber's Choice eliminates your trip to the pharmacy, it comes at a lower cost, and it helps her know you're getting exactly what she prescribed, when she prescribes it.

“Patients already come here, and they want to avoid an extra stop ,so standing in line at the pharmacy, etc. and so I can diagnose and treat the patient in my office and they can leave with a custom medication that I deem best for their condition and they avoid going to the pharmacy altogether,” said Dr. Wernli.

Dr. Wernli said this system of custom medication has been great not just as a convenience, but it’s a safe option, especially during a pandemic.

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